Certified Doctor Reviews is an online review site of a different breed. While other online review sites exist only to benefit consumers, Certified Doctor Reviews is focused on helping consumers AND the individuals or businesses for which they write reviews. We want consumers to feel confident that the reviews they read are only written by real patients. Additionally, we want physicians and their practices to feel confident that having a presence on our site will not leave them vulnerable to reputation attacks from disgruntled employees, competitors, and extortion artists.

Why Certified Reviews?

Online reviews play a crucial role in helping patients and prospective patients learn more about their doctors. A 2013 study by Brigham Young University found that 41% of patients have consulted online reviews before visiting a physician in person. Nielsen recently found that online reviews are the second most trusted source of information about a product or service, trailing only word-of-mouth recommendations. When patients consult online reviews, they want to feel confident that they are not being misled. Certified Doctor Reviews recognizes these concerns, which is why we have taken careful steps to ensure that only certified reviews are published. All reviews are moderated by a human (not by software or a robot) and we use IP tracking to prevent the publication of spammy, vague, or duplicate reviews. Additionally, we work with healthcare providers to confirm that individuals who write a review are actually patients.

Why Doctors?

As explained above, Certified Doctor Reviews takes careful steps to ensure that reviews only come from trustworthy sources—the patients who have visited your practice. We believe that review sites should not exist for patients and others to sling mud at a physician’s reputation. We hope that these certified reviews will help you to improve the quality of your practice and care, and we make it easy for physicians to reach out to unhappy reviewers. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, consumers who have an issue that is addressed by the offending business are more likely to recommend the business to friends than customers who never encounter an issue in the first place. For this reason, negative reviews can actually be seen as a win-win for consumers AND the physicians who treat them.

Whether you are a consumer looking for reviews about a healthcare provider or a physician looking to improve an online reputation, we are your #1 source for Certified doctor reviews!

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